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A Creature of Nightmares
the command was given and slowly the creature began to appear, it's cloaking field sliding off of it like a veil of water sliding off of it's metallic skin.
A creature began to appear alright...a creature of nightmares.
it's eyes were the first to appear, bright with an internal flame against the ever growing silhouette, a ferocity rarely seen, watching, seeking, it's next quarry.
then the spines on it's back began to appear, each bristling as the cloak dropped off of it, gleaming in the light from the door behind it. Black. a creature of the night, with senses and reflexes that one could only dream of. each spine seemed to glow as the vents from the creatures life source showed through, venting a small jet of flame along each spine.
the forelegs began to appear as the cloak dripped off the final spine, the legs were nothing but metallic muscle, the creature could probably outrun anything it came up against, a spike appears at the first joint and gleams in the light, the servos in it's shoulder begin to emit their hum as the cloak releases it's grip and allows the machine to be heard, the lower legs begin to appear as well, showing their energy veins and more of the metal muscle. the rear legs begin to appear now as well, like larger versions of the front legs, then the claws. shining like a knife under a spotlight, the cloak drips off them. the paws themselves look like a cross between a bear and a cougar in their design, but with mind. then the tail begins to appear, small segments appearing one at a time, it circles the creature three or four times before a tip begins to appear. a spearhead, about the size of an old fashion steering wheel with the design of a hunting arrow in mind, coming to a point like that of a needle. it never seems to sit still, always moving, twitching, and the end is so fine that you can't see where the point ends at.
suddenly the creature lifts it's head and stares at each of us in turn, then drops it's jaw ever so slightly into the most fearful grin you could ever wish to lay eyes on, each tooth sharpened to lethal points, fitting perfectly together to form the most wicked grin thought could conceive...and it just sat there, grinning at us...
The captain treats though it's some sort of pet, to be trained and cared for like an ordinary animal...he even named it..."Fang" he calls it, and it responds as though an obedient dog...

...this creature is no, this creature is death itself...


HEIGHT: 1.2 meters at the shoulder
WEIGHT: 1200kg, inertial and snti-grav adjusted to just under 400kg
-Next generation Dimensional Folding
-HX6 Cloaking field
-two internal Gn drives running from within the DFD
-twelve Gn thruster vents
-full spec optical with enhanced nightvision
-motion detection with Z scale radar
-Prototype Dimensional "jumping" drive
-Gravity adjuster
-Barbed tail with explosive tips
-Fangs coated with a polysilicate compound for near indefinite usage
-Two plasma stunners
-four short range railguns (stored in the DFD)
-one modified Dragonsbreath longrifle(stored in the DFD)
OTHER INFO: Fang is the next generation in fugitive hunting, able to track it's target across multiple star systems in order to retrieve it's target. known to hijack a space transport if unable to find one that it can catch a ride on. Fang units are incredibly intelligent creatures, able to learn and adapt to most combat environments and their targets strategies, eventually being able to anticipate the next move of it's intended quarry and be there before they are. There are only seven of the units in service currently because of their ruthless prowess in hunting their targets and 'removing' any obstacle that stands in their way. The one currently residing on the Mojuo is the latest of the series with new generation programming that allows it to be used for combat rather than it's original hunting protocols, the designers wish to find out if the unit is capable of this adaptation without reversion to it's original programming which would not allow anything, including new orders, to stop it from taking it's quarry.


United States


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